Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
November 24, 1999
There has been much that has happened since our last posting. Unfortunately not all of it has been good. The litter that was due the 18th came early and all the kittens were lost. It was very sad for us, for the host family and for the girl who lost her kittens. She is a sweet girl and we will give her some recovery time and probably breed her again this winter. On the same day that the kitten disaster was happening our dear little Tinkie who had been placed in a new home with her daughter only 1 1/2 weeks before had a run in with the new family's German Shorthair Pointer and lost her life. The dog, for his trouble, also lost his life. This is still very difficult to write about. It makes me wonder if I want to go on breeding Birmans, but then I look around me and see all my other furry friends and know that when they look up at me what is expected of me, that is, to carry on. So I will.

The comic relief amidst all this is the litter of two seal girls with their mother Peti. They are a quiet litter and are simply going around doing kitten things without worrying about the rest of us. They do know their big sister, Wisty, who is a little put out with them for taking over what she considered her house, that is the cage where we raise our babies. She sits and visits with them through the wire quite a lot during the day. These two little girls are climbing the wire to get into the hammock and exploring the water bowl and the litter box. They don't make a lot of fuss with us. They do play jump and bite with each other. They are a delight and the fun will just get more as they get older. They are now 4 1/2 weeks old.

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