Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
November 1, 1999
Our new babies seem to be doing very well, fat and happy. Their little ears and faces are beginning to turn brown, or grey, actually is the way they start out. We know they will be seals and I still believe that both are girls. Mama Peti is being suitably attentive. They were both 6 ounces at their 1 week weigh in so that is to the good. I'm glad we haven't had really cool weather since these babies were born. It means we don't have to be super carefull with room temperature until they get a little more on their own.

We will be having lots going on this coming weekend with our own club's cat show, Cotton States. Our friend Laurie from Columbia, SC will be coming over and taking Tinkie and her daughter Wanita home after the show. I hope we will see more of Wanita at shows after the first of the year. Poor little Wisty will be so lonesome without her pals. It will seem pretty lonesome around here without them. We'll be showing both kittens plus our GP Scarlet and GP Peepers and Tai Ming's Topper, our lynx friend who belongs to Frances Price. Five cats is a LOT to handle for one show. Thank goodness we'll have extra help from Laurie and from the "red contingent," Ted and Debbie.

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