Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
October 24, 1999
I am almost embarassed to announce that Peti has had yet another litter when her kitten from the previous one is not yet 5 months old. Peti had daytime kittens, two born this AM. I think they are both girls but we shall see. This is always subject to revision. They will both be seals as they are Rapture children and that is all he has to give. We're delighted that she was able to have them the regular way without a c-section which is what got her into this fix to begin with.

We have word that Rapsodie, our beautiful blue girl who lives in Anderson, SC is pregnant with Sunny's kittens. They will be coming along in November and we have another possible Sunny litter due the first week of December to Picabo, our seal tortie girl who lives in Tucker, GA. Our cattery is getting an early start on 2000 spring kittens, or maybe it's a late start for 1999 kittens.

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