Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
July 23, 1999
This has been a time of resettling with the four remaining kittens. One thing I always notice about cats is that by and large they do not mourn. They care for the living and move on. The four remaining kittens are growing nicely. Two of the seals are larger than the third seal and the lilac. All are nicely conformed and now that they are eating adult food more regularly should begin to gain some serious weight. The seals' markings all show clearly but we've yet to see anything on the lilac girl but nose, ears and tail. They now all climb everywhere, into all the hammocks and up and down the cage wire. Every time the door is opened a couple of kittens fall (or run) out. This will become more and more of a challenge for us as they get older, quicker and more coordinated. Next week we go for first shots and then get into the serious process of maturing.

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