Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
July 5, 1999
Between weeks four and five we are beginning to see lots of changes. The kittens are much more active, running around in their pen and making first attempts at climbing the wire sides. They are also beginning to litter train and want more food than just mom. They are sampling the contents of the water bowl. First they plunge their little faces in the bowl then sputter and blow the water out. It's the point at which they discover they are not fish. The lilac girl whom we're tentatively calling Wisteria loves to stand in the dry food bowl and drink water. She mastered water drinking a day or two ago. Every time we open the door to the pen to let a mom in or out it seems that one or two kittens fall out the door as well. They will not be allowed out "on the floor" until they have had their first shots at 8 weeks and then only in closely supervised situations.

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