Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
April 9, 1999
It has been a while since I've had a chance to write in the diary. We had a real scare with the litter which was born last November. They got some dietary problems which caused a calcium deficency and made them ill for a while. We took them to the University of Georgia vet school and got them turned around. We ended up keeping them a bit beyond 4 months but all are well now. That was a scary time.

Meanwhile Rapture has been attending some shows and has gotten within spitting distance of his grand. He needs only 39 points to finish. This is not a season we show frequently so he will have to wait until May to go out again. We hope he can finish at Chattanooga at Memorial Day.

On the baby front our little Valentine girl, aka Baby Huey because she such a bruiser, is growing like a weed and keeping Ted and Debbie hopping. She has turned out to be a seal tortie just like her mother, feisty and opinionated. We sent Upeti to be bred with our chocolate stud, Doonie, and took a girl in from Frances Price, Tinkie, to be Sunny's first breeding. That all happened right at the end of March so it's a little too soon to know if the breedings were successful. If they are successful we'll have two litters at about the same time as Tinkie will be staying on with us to raise her family.

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