Golden Seal Birmans
Atlanta, GA, USA
February 16, 1999
What a breathless few days. Our red point litter was born on Valentine's Day and contains only one kitten which we've named What a Valentine. The baby came early by a couple of days according to our calculations, but is a full term kitten and we're delighted to welcome it. We think it might be a girl which is very exciting but we don't know what color. Debbie and Ted, mother Picabo's family, are disappointed that there are not more kittens, but that insures total devotion to this baby. It seems like a lot of effort for one baby, but the sire was an excellent choice from all we could tell looking at him and at his pedigree so this will be a special baby indeed and we expect it to go on the show bench as the colors have now all been approved.

While all this was taking place grandfather Rapture was at a cat show trying to carve out a few more points towards his grand. He continues with his sunny disposition and delight at all the attention. We came home with 8 more points for the weekend.

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